Sunday, 8 January 2017


Friday 4th November 2016

I still wasn't feeling good this morning but we had an excursion booked and I wasn't going to miss it. We were visiting the World War II tunnels.  Ours was a small group so we had a mini bus.  Our bus driver was brilliant and drove all around the Island before beginning the steep climb up to the tunnels.  It was so steep, with a sheer drop on one side, that one lady could not bear to look.  Just before we got to the tunnels we came to a stopping place were we could see the famous Gibralter Apes.

By this time I was feeling really ropy, I was shivering, couldn't keep warm even though it was a fairly warm day, and was feeling very shaky.

In the tunnels I had to put on my waterproof jacket to keep warm and held on tight to Mr G.

From Jocks Balcony (built by the Scots of course), we had a great view especially of the airport and runway that ended right at the edge of  the sea.

That evening I didn't feel like dressing for dinner, even an informal one,(Mr G was pleased as he's not a fan of getting dressed up at anytime) so we snook up to the Lido.  To my delight it turned out to be Indian Night.  It was like good home cooking, real comfort food.  Eating dinner in the Lido was a pleasant experience not as formal as the Britannia Restaurant but not quite as bad a cheap cafeteria.  The tables had been set out quite attractively with placemats, silverware, white napkins and candles. 

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