Sunday, 8 January 2017

First Formal Evening

Wednesday 26th October 2016 

Today was very similar to yesterday.  Breakfast in the Lido.  I tried the American bacon to see if it was any better than the English,  it was worse!  Instead of being lovely and crispy it was limp and very greasy. 

Then it was art class followed by lunch and my afternoon nap.  Except... I felt a cold coming on.  Determined not to let it spoil my first formal evening I headed to the steam room inside the ladies changing rooms at the gym.  It seemed to work as I felt much better afterwards.

Cunard Black & White Ball and Captains Reception.

Although Mr G is tee-total and I'm not a big drinker we decided to attend the Captains Cocktail Party just for the experience.   The reception was held in the Queen's Room.  We found a position next to the stage and stood and watched the proceedings accepting an orange juice from one of the many waiters.  Afterwards I kicked myself as I realised I could have asked for a softail.  We enjoyed Captain Hashmi's entertaining welcome speech and were introduced to various members of staff.

As it was formal evening there were plenty of ship's photographers about.

I'm afraid I don't take very good photos, I always blink!

After dinner Mr G went off to change into dance shoes and I made my way to the ballroom only find the entrance blocked!  I'd forgotten the Captains Reception for Second Sitting. Staff advised I could access the ballroom from the other side of the ship. I made my way there going down to deck 1 walking along to the Royal Court Theatre and up again to deck 2.  As I arrived at the outskirts of the ballroom I realised this was my chance!  I nobbled a passing waiter and bravely asked if I could have an Atlantic Mist, it was no problem and he returned a few minutes later.  I did feel naughty!

We had planned to dance most of the evening but as it turned out we did not have access to the Queens Room until 9pm.  

The Ball kicked off with an introduction to the Cunard Gavotte.  I had seen examples of this on YouTube but Mr G did not know what he was in for.  Apparently he was supposed to receive 'air kisses' from his dance partners, but they insisted on giving him real ones - he seems to have enjoyed himself!

A performance was given by the Professional Dance couple on board Dan and Olena, which was superb.

We ended the evening with a visit to the Lido for a hot drink before bed.  I was pleasantly surprised to find they even had Horlicks.

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